YouRiding// Mind Surfing on Social Media VS Playing YouRiding

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I was pretty disappointed when I checked the surf this morning. Without a wave in sight I was forced to head home and miss out for the day. On the drive home I dreamt about all the places in the world where the waves are pumping right now. I can guarantee you, someone is pulling into the wave of their life right now. And again, now. And now!

For many people – surfers and non-surfers alike – the experience of standing on the shore and gazing out at the ocean is deeply satisfying.Tom Garlinghouse

So how can I beat this FOMO overtaking my day? I turn to YouRiding. I can take a trip overseas or up the coast, from the comfort of my lounge room. The game loads and I collect my daily login reward. Sure, I’d rather be locking in the wave of my life too right…

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