Contextual essay – It’s a Sim’s World Out there #BCM215

Mai Dang

My Digital Artefact is a series of blog post exploring certain aspects of gameplay in the Sims. In particular, I explored two topics concerning the relationship between the Sims and its players:

  1. The Sims as representation of capitalism 
  2. The Sims – a personality-filled escapism 

In setting up the framework through which the Sims as a paratext is analysed, I based my 3 nodes as well as my approach through Mitew and Moore’s (2017) methods of exploring internet games. My approach was as follows: 

2019-11-08This framework was applied to both of my topics, however not all modes were utilized in each study. I will, therefore, present my Digital Artefact in 2 parts for clarity and easy tracking. 

  1. The Sims as representation of capitalism 

The Sims has been notorious for simulating a capitalistic society (source) with its clear goal for earning money and gaining social levels. I myself has been caught in…

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