The ‘Classic WoW’ Community Project – The Context

Harrison East

This blog post will stand as context for the struggle of a project, that was and is an analytical look at the divisive communities around World of Warcraft – Classic and Retail. Please watch the video below before reading the rest of this post.

As stated in the video, I faced a lot of deterrence from various avenues as I attempted to undergo my ‘analysis’. The majority of this deterrence stemmed from Reddit comments, from a post I made on r/classicwow. As well as responses to a forum post I made on fan-site MMO-Champion. The posts and comments came with seemingly heavy critique; of both my attempt at the project and the situation I had put myself in.

In my beta blog post and beta video – where both talked about the mid-stage progress of my project – I discussed my analytical framework. Furthermore, I made a…

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