Contextual Essay


500 word contextual essay: The process of making the DA

The DA started off as a way to explore things which made Skyrim such a great game. It’s unique in that most popular games are popular because of the multiplayer, such as Halo, Battlefield, or Fortnight, but Skyrim is purely single player, and though single player games are popular, they have a limited content and get repetitive. So I wanted to look at the things that made people continue to play Skyrim without much extra stuff.

It also occured to me that when thinking about the different styles of game, chance, competitive, mimicry, and I always forget what the adrenaline one is, is that it misses out on the fact that people sometimes play games just to be with people in non competitive ways. I’m not saying that group chats are a game, but there are clapping and skipping games…

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