Skyrim the RPG


Games are made of a combination of five aspects: Chance, competitiveness, adrenalin, mimicry, and social. And I plan on looking at how Skyrim deals with each of them. In this episode, I’ll focus on mimicry, aka role playing.

Skyrim is the fifth Elderscrolls game, which is a fantasy adventure game. It feels like you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons, except alone and on the computer and damage is purely based off your character’s level and your own skill, rather than a role of a dice and decision of a dungeon master. You have more control. Both Skyrim and D&D you can level up your character to increase your damage, health, etc. You have items and do quests. There are at least seven linear story lines in Skyrim, and many medium and micro quests. Many are unrelated.

Elderscrolls started off with “arena”, a game where teams would fight but have some quests…

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