BCM 300: Analyzing a Board Game


So in the course of completing my degree I’ve taken on the subject of Game Experience Design, in which we play games, and then think long and hard about what we found out about playing them. Now I’ll present to you two of the games we have played so far (aren’t I ambitious) because they both represent what I feel is an important aspect for the medium of games.

The Resistance: Avalon

Designer: Don Eskridge

Artists: Luis Francisco, George Patsouras, Nan Sumana, Rafal Szyma

Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards

So firstly the name was very confusing for someone who is relatively new to the wider world of board games, considering the box seems to emphasise the words “Avalon” a lot more than “The Resistance”. Which is convenient really since we never felt like resistance members, but neither did I particularly feel like an “Avalon”. But it is a sequel of…

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