Ashlan Rose

From a young age, I’ve always loved playing board games! With my friends, sibling and cousins, if we ever had play dates, board games were always something we brought out.
For BCM300, in the past 2 weeks I’ve been able to explore and play games that I had never heard of!

For this blog post I will be focusing on two games I played during week two. These games have some similarities and differences, but most importantly they’re designed by the same company “Exploding Kittens”. Exploding Kittens was started by Elan Lee (designer) and Matthew Inman (Illustrator) in 2015 when they launched their first card game Exploding Kittens. The founders started a campaign on crowdfunding to secure initial funding. Within 10-20 mins they reached their goal of $10,000, and 7 hours later they had reached $1 million! Since 2015, Exploding kittens has released four other tabletop games: Bears…

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