The Resistance Vs UNO


Reflecting on the game play sessions in BCM300, I was able to identify and compare the game mechanics of different games. This lead me to realise how important the relationship between the mechanics is and how it effects the game play and overall satisfaction of the game. Reflecting on the game play of The Resistance and UNO, I knew that I enjoyed UNO the most. This lead me to try and understand why.

Board Games are the purest translation of rules to experience”

The Resistance was published in 2009 and was designed byDon Eskridge. There were numerous designers and publishers involved.The object of the game, is to win 3 “mission”. For those who are unfamiliar with The Resistance, see the video below for the instructions and a description of the game.

In this circumstance, the game was played in the tutorial room, with 8 class members. The instructions…

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