BCM300 ~Individual Game Experience- Pitch

Paris' Perspective


Growing up, my family has always been competitive and every Christmas my family in addition with my aunties, uncles and cousins have always spent Christmas away together, it has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Every night on these holidays away all my family members (there’s 10 of us) sit around a large table and play one particular analogue card game that we’ve has always played, it is a mix of Gin Rummy (Image 1, below) and Conquian (Coon-Can) (Image 2 below). However, this game isn’t just played with my extended family.


(Image 1 ^- Gin Rummy)


(Image 2 ^- Conquian)

Therefore, my project dossier will be focused on: “Media Archaeology: reexamine a tabletop and/or analogue game experiences from your childhood.”

My project will be called, “The Family Cards” and will focus on a series of short Youtube videos and gameplays. The format will consist of…

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