BCM 300: Individual Project


So in my previous post I called myself ambitious for analysing two board games, and ended up writing almost double what I had originally intended; apparently that’s a running theme as the individual Game Experience project ended up a bit of a monster.

In terms of what the game’s genre is aiming for, it is a Niche Market, Wargame, but aiming to bring a sense of accessibility using minimal maths and abstaining from a large encyclopedia of rules as is common in the genre. Some inspirations for the game are Specter Ops, Bloodbowl, Labyrinth and Custom Hero Chaos (a game mode for the popular PC Game Dota 2).

Cosmic Mercenaries: Event Horizon


The game attempts to place you as a mercenary captain in a Hyper-Corporate galaxy, hired to scrap down and retrieve key materials on derelict ships before they disappear into a black hole, to get more money, and…

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