BCM Blog 1: Debtor: War

Starting this new semester and with this new objective of game’s and games designing, my first blog post is to recount what I have learnt over these first few weeks and how I will incorporate the things that Chris taught and showed us to ensure that my game will be the best that it can be.

Now, I’m an avid gamer, but only on platforms. I’ve never really played that many types of board games before other than the family destroying monopoly and maybe snakes and ladders when I was a kid so my knowledge of playing board games isn’t exactly the highest, but I have watched people playing certain games such as Secret Hitler and others by my favourite Youtube’s.

So with my basic knowledge of board games and from participating in the games we were partook in class, I decided to go with a simple game of two sides arguing over a topic with a moderator in the middle. The game will suit more of like a Secret Hitler based game except their will be no traitors or that, just two sides being able to discuss the topic so the game genre is a debate and discuss style so instead of having a traitor, there will be a judge and if the judge chooses to null the act then the bill won’t be passed.

Below is the basic rules for Secret Hitler:

At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned to one of three roles: Liberal, Fascist, or Hitler. Hitler plays for the fascist team, and the fascists know who Hitler is, but most of the time Hitler does not know who his fellow fascists are. The Liberals don’t know who anyone is.

My board game will incorporate two sides similar to this method, one being the “For” side and the other being the “Against” with one player being the modarater or “Judge” in this setting. The game kinda represents what happens in parliament with two sides fighting to either get a bill passed or for it to be dismissed. I’ll have more details when writing my second draft post with more rules and have a better understanding.

The game will consist of cards being dealt to players and each player seeing what roles they have been selected and then a discussion being had as to if the bill gets passed or not.

My target audience is mainly anyone, this game isn’t designed to be a niche market, as anyone can pick this game up and play it, you don’t have to have a passion in debating to only play this game. This can be played by a bunch of mates whilst in isolation or a family at an outing.

The genre I’ve chosen is a simple party game genre as said before, this game is designed to be picked up by anyone and games can range from short session to either long games

I’ll have a design idea of the cards as well hopefully in my next pitch.



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