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Board game have been popular in worldwide for a long time and until now it is still one of the most enjoyable group activities for young people. The global board game markets is worth over $3.2 billion according to the research and the number will keep growing. Board game brings people together in one table with various cards and maps, people can bring their board game outside and play it with their friends at anyplace/anytime.

Dixit Odyssey棋盘游戏得分板,带有animeeples
Dixit Odyssey board game

I start to play board game since middle school and it brings me lot of memory which is unforgettable, I am always thinking is it possible for me to create a brand new board game by myself. In this semester with my BCM300 study, I finally get a chance to create a board game based on games that I played before.

I decide to make a new board game based on

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