Individual Game Experience Pitch

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The post-apocalypse has always been a media staple attracting large audiences and public interest. So why is it that in the tabletop game genre, post-apocalyptic games seem to lag behind?

For my individual game experience, I want to create a game focused on a zombie apocalypse, something that hasn’t seemed to catch on in the board game sphere despite The Walking Dead ruling TV for years on end.

Wait… this show is still going?

My plan is still in the early stage, I’ll admit, but I’ll lay out my three key ideas for the game a little further below.

First, I’ll direct you to Board Game Geek’s list of post-apocalypse board games. Now, anyone reading this may be a little more engaged in the board game sphere than me, but I wouldn’t call myself a complete newbie. The most recognisable game on that list for me is Fallout, which…

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