Recount of Board Game Play


Kendal Louis

BCM 300 – Game Experience design

Rhino Hero

IMG_0846Rhino Hero is a practical card game which involves folding/bending of certain cards to erect a building while meeting the requirement of certain challenges and instructions. The age on the box is 5+. However after playing the game numerous times with my 20 year old class mates (that is after the 15 minutes we spent reading the instructions for the wrong game and YouTubed how to play) it’s clear that the game would be enjoyed by anyone.

The game was produced by ‘Haba’ a toy company who’s products are aimed at a predominately younger audience. While Haba specialise in board games they also offer wooden toys, books, children’s furniture and more. The illustration and overall design of Rhino Hero is very obviously aimed at its five(ish) target audience with the game’s cards, box and instructions covered in cartoon pictures. Said…

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