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A few weeks ago, I read anarticlethat spoke about the psychology of shitposting. The overarching point was that online shitposting is intended to invoke humour, self-expression, or offence in individuals. The article argued that shitposting helps to build communities through creation and participation, and I want to see if this type of internet culture would translate off-screen.

When I first began to ideate my game, the Coronavirus was starting to be taken seriously in Australia. Up until that point, I hadn’t been concerned about playtesting, as I live in student accommodation and there’s always somebody around to who would willing to hang out and play. And then my accommodation issued social distancing rules. Suddenly I wasn’t sure if I could effectively playtest a game when we’re all mostly trying to avoid each other. So, I decided that I wanted to incorporate social distancing into my Game.

During this…

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