BCM 300 Pitch

Memoirs of An Idiot

First of all, I would like to start this pitch by saying that this one will be connected to and informed by my BCM325 Pitch, and the feedback and comments on that pitch, which you can read here.

As I’m attempting to create a project that has connections to my BCM 325 project, the themes are quite similar. I want to create a game that revolves around the central idea of solving a murder that was committed in my version of the future (which has been informed by my BCM 325 project) within the confines of Outer Space. I’m not sure what kind of game to make at this point in time, but I would definitely like to steer clear of social deduction games, and instead make my game experience more interactive or story based (which was pitched to me after my 325 pitch), possibly with multiple endings or outcomes…

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