Let’s make a game


The game I’m planning to make is a card game called Badlands

The game is similar in concept to Cards Against Humanity and Bucket of Doom (gameplay demonstrated fantastically in this video), leaving plenty of room for creativity from the players.

Badlands is played with 4+ players where at the beggining of the game every player is given 5 “object” cards, every “object” has an arguably useless object written on it

For example,


Every round there is one person who judges, the judge draws a “scenario” card

For example,

Scenario card.png

Each player then must choose one of their “object” cards, and has 45 seconds to explain to the judge how they’ll get out of the scenario using their object, such as

“I present the Chieftain with my collection of kinky leather, which he then realizes he’s super into, he then decides to let me go for freeing his sexuality”


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