Rapidpitch: A Tabletop Game…Pitch

Timothy Cuff | Video Editor and Sound Designer

To start off with getting ideas of a tabletop game I wanted to make, I feel that I’m a lot more fortunate than most in that brother…

…is obsessed with tabletop games.

Okay – maybe obsessed is a little bit too far, but let’s just say that all I needed to do was to throw open the cupboard downstairs and be greeted by this:

IMG_8159 2

And so, I looked around my brother’s collection for inspiration on what I could make and what I came up with was this:


Yeah, you probably guessed as much from the title of this blog post.

Think of it like a mashup between something like Dungeons and Dragons (or any other role-playing game for that matter), Cards against Humanity and Superfight. The emphasis of Rapidpitch is on de-emphasising the mechanics (the ludology of games, “a systemic view on games, with “an interest…

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