Jordan Boyle


Stockade is inspired by the Eureka Stockade that occurred in 1854 in Ballarat Victoria Australia, when the Australian government cracked down on mining by introducing mining licences, as well as having iconic Australian Bush Ranger card inspired The Kelly gang.


Stockade is a turn based, card game, played with 3-6 players and with 15 cards. Gold is the currency nuggets that allows you to progress in the game, allowing you to activate your cards abilities. Once you collect 8 gold you can call Eureka allowing you to destroy a player’s card. The idea of each round is to be the last player standing, to do this you must terminate all other players cards. In order to win the game, you must hold five gold blocks. 


  • Diggers – Passively mines gold (2 gold per activation)
  • Rebel – Can activate a stockade at the cost of 3…

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