The fashion bingo


My game theme will be a mix of fashion and the classic game of Bingo. Fashion is one of my passions and upon doing research there seemed to be no existing games that incorporated fashion as the main theme.

“Bingo’s origins come from a Genoese lottery game played throughout Europe in the 16th century.” (Moubarac 2010) In traditional bingo, players are minimally involved; their only task is to mark the numbers called on the bingo card. I aim to make the players more involved making it seem like less of an ‘old persons’ type of game.

In doing some further research into Bingo itself I found out that studies shows there is a relatively high rate of past-year participation in bingo among adolescents. This was quite surprising to me as I do not play the game and do not know many people that do. “Perhaps this finding is not too…

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