Unstable Unicorns and the Kingmaker problem- BCM 300

Memoirs of An Idiot

The first several weeks of BCM 300 have been very interesting and enlightening for me. I have been exposed to many new and different board games, none of which I have had previous experience with. The specific game experience, (and as you can see from the title, the problem) I want to talk about in this post is the one I had while playing the game Unstable Unicorns.

The game and its developer

Unstable Unicorns is I guess what you would call a ‘flagship’ game. It seems to be the most popular game made by the company of the same name, who also produces an increasing amount of game themed merchandise, such as shirts, pins, and even an Instagram web comic. Interestingly, they also list their values listed on their website.

Screenshot (58)

The game itself is not particularly difficult to pick up, and the rules are quite simple…

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