What’s in a Game?: Project Pitch

Lazy Susan.

In my mind, board games have traditionally been framed with a rigid dichotomy between the tangible and the digital. Call me ‘old school’, but when I think of board games from my childhood, I picture long warm afternoons spent curled up on the back veranda, engrossed in  fantastical tabletop adventures and often remorseless card battles with my younger sister. But if I’ve observed anything in the past weeks to months of social isolation, it is that the internet can be so important in facilitating connections with others, and that this notion is most definitely applicable to my traditional perception of board games.

Amidst the unique circumstances we find ourselves in currently, I am going to take a fittingly unique approach to this individual project dossier. I’ve decided to use this current period of isolation as the ideal opportunity to explore ways in which traditional face-to-face board games can and have…

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