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One of the games that greatly influenced my love and admiration for games of strategy (or even 4X games to be specific), virtual or table-top, was Sid Meier’s Civilization. Civilization was released in 1991 on pc and has since evolved into numerous game titles available on several gaming consoles. It has even been converted to a board game, created by Kevin Wilson and released in 2010.

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Civilization VI

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I enjoyed the mechanics of this game immensely and it’s something I’m hoping to emulate in my individual game design.

My board game will be set in medieval times with castles and soldiers and so on. I aim for it to be a 4x genre game the same as civilisations. Elijah Meeks defines a 4x as game as having aspects that include “…manipulation of resources on a map within a certain radius of the player’s cities, allows for units to attack each…

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