COVID19, Physical Distancing, Isolation, Exercise, Mental Health & Games


I think that relevance is key in any product’s ideation is key. Thus my game aims to combat the severe boredom that many are currently facing around the globe due to COVID-19. 


There are two themes in which I currently intend to base my game around. These are (a) strength and or fitness, and (b) the internet, whether the game is web based, app based or using a common external program (more on this later). 


I think that if I go down the strength/fitness game route it will be most appealing to young adults. However I don’t believe this narrows it down too much as there is definitely a global interest due to the current climate. 


It is crucial, like any game, but especially for my own that it is enjoyable to play, and encourages laughter and stimulates conversation within the group of players. Recent studies…

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