Critical Account of Gameplay – UNO


During the three weeks, I played three different types of tabletop games with my siblings. These games were: Uno, 5 Second Rule and Connect 4. I have decided that I will focus my attention to Uno and write my blog on that game. This blog will showcase me doing a critical account of Uno’s gameplay, specifically the Frozen edition one.


Uno is a matching, shedding-type card game originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins in Reading, Ohio. Card Shedding games involve games getting rid of all your cards as soon as you can. Robbins initially sold it from his barbershop and local businesses began to sell it too. Soon, he sold the rights to UNO to a group of friends headed by Robert Tezak, a funeral parlour owner for $50,000 plus royalties of 10 cents per game. Tezak formed International Games, Inc., to market UNO, with offices behind his funeral parlor. The…

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