Cards Against Humanity, But For Alex Jones

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For my group project with Julia Farrington, Julia Belikova and Anthea Tomaras, we have decided to create and A+B style party game titled “That’s Whack!”, influenced by the card game “Cards Against Humanity”.

I’ve had difficulty being able to communicate with my group members entirely online. And so, by the time I had finally been able to contact them properly, they had already decided upon the underlying theme and idea of what the game would be. They had also had to decide on everyone’s roles without me, and so my contribution to the game will be refining and completing the rules and game loop.

Thankfully, game loops and rules were explained in theweek 7 Discord seminar, so I feel confident in understanding of what a game loop is. I’ve also been researching party games structured similarly to ours, such as “Cards Against Humanity“, “Joking Hazard

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