Group Contribution Summary #BCM300

Concrete Surfing

This blog post will indicate my contribution to our group project for BCM300 – Game Media.

I am in a group with myself and 3 others, they being Jack Ridoutt, Thomas Talevski, and Kendal Louis. Peer blogs are hyperlinked within names. 

To begin with, our group started off quite strong when we were asked to begin brainstorming ideas and mechanics, our group synergy worked well and enthusiasm and positivity were high. We eventually came up with a rather unique idea of creating a board game that mixes soccer, chess, and meme characters.

For our game which is currently titled “Memetic Soccer,” there were a few key core mechanics that we established. It would, first of all, have picture cards, showing playable characters, it would follow similar mechanics to chess, as well as have a new mechanic involving a ball (for the characters to score with and the…

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