Group Contribution

I was able to get two partners to work with for this group project, my two partners are Sarah Holiday and Steff Harris. We’ve each split up out portions of the group work according to the criteria in the subject outline. I’ve been given the job to look at the outline of the game’s target audience and the games genre and also as a group we will all contribute to  a brief account of the rules, core mechanics and any more fundamental loops of the game itself.

The game is called How Can I Get Away With Murder?, it is a murder mystery multiplayer game aimed around a 3 Act Structure. A beginning, middle and ending section, so far we have that as our structure and we are working on how to structure and how the game runs.

My job is to look at the target audience and genre for this game, so lets start off with the genre.

Murder Mystery have been played for many many years, the earliest examples of these games date back to the early twenty century with games such as murder wink being played at parties. Murder Wink consist of one player secretly selected as a murderer, being able to “kill” other players by winking at them. A killed player must count to five before dying, and the murderer tries to avoid detection.

The first known murder mystery game was Jury Box, players are made jurors and are given the scenario of the murder, evidence is then presented to the players by the prosecutor and defendant. The players are shown two photographs of the crime scene and ballot papers to which they need to vote who is guilty and who isn’t. Jurors have to make the decision as to who is guilty and then a real solution is read out.

Cluedo is the first murder mystery board game to appear in North America, in this game players are in a hurry to find a killer, where the murder happened and what the weapon was. Cluedo is still one of the highest selling games throughout the world.

Hopefully we will be able to create a similar type of game to these two when we are discussing the story of the game and how it should be played between 4-12 players. But by choosing this style of game and its genre, we will have many examples to look at and find out the best approach.

The second part we are all looking at is the rules, core mechanics and essentially what makes up our games, we all have a understanding of what we want the game to look and run like but nothing has been set in stone.

The core aspects of it, is that is a 4-12 players with areas bordered off, players can gain certain cards to either help them in finding the killer or throwing everyone off the scent. We will figure out more as we discuss it more as a group but I couldn’t ask for any better partners.

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