Murder But With Cards and Dice

Creative and Critical Thoughts

For the group project, I am collaborating with Jack Kelly and Steff Harris to create a murder mystery board game called: How Can I Get Away With Murder? It will be a multi-player board game involving move-and-roll, strategy, object collection and advantage/disadvantage cards. We have been using a Google Doc as a way to both organise our notes/research and communicate with each other through notes and comments. We also have a FaceBook group chat which we’ve been using for most our communication with each other. Additionally, we had a Zoom call which went for about an hour in order to organise the roles of who will be in charge of what research for the presentation.

Our notes and communication through the Google Doc

Several weeks ago, I came up with the general idea for the game and kept track of my thoughts in the Notes app on my phone. When…

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