World pandemic…but make it a card game.

BCM300 ‘Grocery Dash’ card game

Tamara's Blog

Group Members:

During these uncertain times, you don’t trust anyone, you feel alone, you want to get in and out the grocery store as soon as possible…well think of that, but in a fun way, in card game form. We are creating a fight to the finish card game, where you want to sabotage people with a ‘deadly virus’, make them lose all their shopping and well, win.

We wanted to create a family feud (but friendly), zoom feud (but friendly), and overall enjoyable game for those to play both in isolation and out. Our game ‘grocery rush’ is in its game play and prototyping stages. We chose a card game, not only due to its ease to clean up, travel friendly and isolation friendly but chose a due to industry reports positivity surrounding them.

Statistica states that ‘revenue in the Card Games segment amounts to US$728m…

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