Alien Invasion

Something About Aliah

For BCM300’s group assignment project, myself alongside Isaac Percy, Isaac Allen, Nicole Papadimas and Hayden Curley, have began developing a game set to revolutionise table top games… well maybe not but we are certain we will give our players an overall fun game experience.

Collectively, our group has created a great dynamic, we have been quite on top of schedule, having meetings via zoom every week for about a month with most of the calls lasting 3+ hours, and have been able to cooperatively brainstorm ideas. From the way we get along, it was easy to bounce off one another and we didn’t have to separate story and mechanics, we collectively allowed the mechanics to feel like the story and the story to teach the mechanics (Jeremy Holoomb).

While we primarily worked as a team, we allocated certain aspects and research areas to each member in order to correctly cover…

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