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My games is a children game aimed at preschoolers. It is a visual learning game that teaches players about native Australian Animals. 

I am really happy with how the game looked when it was printed. It looked professional and well made. This is defiantly something I would be interested in pursuing if there is demand for this sort of game. 


My game has come a long way and has been playtested by a bunch of kids at my local pre-school. I went and got my game printed on thick card for longevity.

This game hits 3 key points on the Early Years Learning Framework (Sumsion and Wong, 2011). This framework is the method early educators use to register the children’s learning.

Feedback from this playtesting experience is from Susan Hill-Thomson who is an Educator at Mittagong Preschool. Hill-Thomson has been working in this field for over 20years. 

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