Forget the Line Up, There’s Been A New Wave of Ideas


Initially, I refrained from stepping out of my comfort zone into the world of games. I could only draw on my own board game experience, which only goes as far as Snakes and Ladders… After speaking to my tutor Chris Moore and gaining some encouragement and insight to games, I have completely changed my Game project. You can see my original idea here.

Why did I change my idea?

  • I wasn’t attempting to expand my knowledge, which meant I wasn’t taking advantage of this subject
  • A card game is more adaptable to different ages, as well as being more compact which suits the surfing lifestyle. e.g. if you go on a surf trip, you aren’t going to bring a board game, but a deck of cards? Sure.
  • Steer away from roll and move

New idea:

My rough idea, is a bodyboarding themed card game. It would include character cards…

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