Grocery Dash (Individual Contribution)

Serena's Basic Blog

For my group project, we have worked collaboratively to create a tabletop game. I am in a group with Mai, Mara and Tammy. We decided to create a card game which focuses on the COVID-19 situation we are currently experiencing. The game is called Grocery Dash where the objective is to collect all of your shopping items on your list.

Before we had even started to come up with a game concept we all wrote ideas which we had in a Google document. I had mentioned that a card game would be good as it is easy to create and easy to understand. It is also considered one of the most popular forms of table top games, Statistia shows that revenue of card games in 2020 is predicted to amount to $696 million in the United States. That is up about 5.1% since 2019. A good example of one of…

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