BCM 300 Group Game Contributions

The Arkon Agency

Personal Responsibilities/ Current Results:

My responsibilities for this group project involved development of the actual game mechanics, generating the steps taken every ‘turn’ and signifying how many components they would need. I was presented with a a couple requests for mechanic inclusion from my partners Chris and Tim which included two major things: a secret traitor mechanic and an esports theme to continue off our last collaboration.

As such I started production, on pen and paper, which is something I don’t often do, but have found allows for ease of production, going back and fourth and just allowing my mechanics to flow onto the page.

Due to an undying love for Betrayal at Buldur’s Gate I started with an analysis of basic game components included in that game, Cards, Dice, Boards and Players. My personal game project has a great number of components so I decided I try to minimize…

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