CoronArt: The Social Distancing Game

Lani's A Blogger Now

Since my individual pitch, I have continued playtesting my game, CoronArt, with my sister, who lives eight hours away. I designed CoronArt around the theory that as the pandemic and social distancing continued, cabin fever would become more of an issue. I intended for CoronArt to be a game for people who are currently social distancing and want to have fun and spend time with friends and family who they are unable to meet up with at present.

The game mechanics are relatively simple. Players take turns drawing a picture that they feel is awkward or embarrassing, and then put them up in a public place without getting seen. Each image has to be at least slightly larger than the last one drawn, to add to the challenge. If players get caught putting up a drawing, or if they get cold feet and refuse to complete their turn, they’re disqualified…

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