Moving forward, this will be beta.

Moving forward this will be beta…Individual Project Beta Game DA

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As a result of feedback and research from my pitch, my DA has undergone iterations to get to its current stage, as highlighted in my video. This has allowed me to produce coherent and effective blogs and furthermore ensure a feedback loop is clearly defined.

Moving forward with my DA,  I intend to explore two more games to emphasise the contextual framework of the board games investigated and relate my findings of the game to relevant lecture content.

Board Games and the Construction of Cultural Memory by Jason Begy has been a fundamental research article throughout the duration of my DA. Although I have not addressed other content as thoroughly as planned, I intend to make reference to these lecture materials more extensively in my future blog posts.

In my future blog posts, I will review the week 7 lecture which highlights the partnership of game mechanics and narratives.

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