“Porky Corgis”: Beta Project

pay attention and scroll...

The process in creating a game from scratch was a definite challenge. I found it difficult not to reciprocate existing games at the beginning, however we were encouraged to gather the best things we admired from these games. Having an affinity and appreciation for the social deduction genre, I knew I wanted to come out of this project and make a game that resembled this style of play. This process then birthed my individual game prototype titled ‘Porky Corgis’.

Taking on the information from the lecture in week 7 – ‘The Partnerships of Game Mechanics and Narratives’ – I took on board two of the most common methods in creating a game, and that entailed focussing on either the story or the mechanics (Moore 2020). I then started to introduce the story and theme once I finalised on my mechanics.


The overall theme involved is animals. I decided to…

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