‘Sip or Spill’ – A BETA Stage.


We have now reached the BETA stage of my own game idea.

As a brief recap, I’ve come up with a drinking-party card game called ‘Spill or Sip’, that has been inspired by the ‘What do you meme’ franchise creators and the self-development/psychological card game ‘Reflex’ by Flex Mami.

The Basic Information on ‘Spill or Sip’

  • Party/Drinking/Self-Critical and Psychological Game.
  • Inspired by the ‘What do you meme’ creators, and ‘Reflex’ game by Flex Mami.
  • Multiplayer Card Game 5-10 people recommended.
  • Millennial audience 18+
  • 120 deck of cards altogether= 100 prompt/question cards which are made up of 5 different category’s + 20 action/challenge cards.
  • 100 drink tokens included.
  • 40 Free passes included- 3 per person.

As this is the BETA stage, I have managed to finalise my primary game theme, narrative as well as game mechanics. I’ve also managed to design a ‘Game Book’ with the rules, how-to’s that you’d see…

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