Tabletop Auto Battler – An Update

Harrison East

This Blog-Post stands as an update on the progress of a student created board game. Please view the initial Pitch Video and Blog-Post before reading on!

Digital document of Game Rules, Player Cards and Player Tokens.

As I have had a lack of engagement with my pitch and no immediate interest of play-testing, I have decided to go forward with this project in the form of an ‘ideas journal’. Essentially discussing the game, without producing it unless there is relevant interest.

Simple Chaos

As stated in my pitch, I took inspiration from the simplicity of Blizzard Entertainment’s digital card game ‘Hearthstone’. I wanted to adapt the small numbers and images that are easily comprehensible at a glance. This was the inspiration behind using nothing but  6-sided Dice, as well as the low numbers that are relative to Player Cards’ health.

20130927021742a0dl9fx3or4b46g1 (click to enlarge)

There is a purposeful underlying theme of

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