Battle of the Gods – Beta

Something About Aliah

Welcome back, here is an update on my Greek Mythology themed board game!

Following the submission of my draft, I continued researching further into Greek Mythology and the relationships between the 12 Olympians. I used this information to create cards that co-ordinate with one another based on the relationships between the gods (which you can find in the rule book). I added this aspect to create a second level of uncertainty in a battle challenge and, as described in week 6’s lecture, provides “multiple ways to construct ways for events and actions to occur in a game”.

I now had all the basic information needed and began working on designs for the cards. I decided to use Canva as my platform as it had an easy to use layout and a lot of design tools for free. I researched into Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, however I found I…

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