BETA Progress Report of Video Essay

Creative and Critical Thoughts


The initial concept for my video essay, which can be found in an earlier blog post, was a discussion on the rise of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) on YouTube through a case study of The Oxventurer’s Guild (OX). After feedback on my initial concept I have altered the topic and am now going to be looking at specific moments from the OXcampaigns in order to examine how story and mechanics interact with each other to create the game experience of a role-playing game (RPG).

Analytical Framework

The framework I will be using to structure the video essay:

  • Narratology
  • Game Mechanics (dice rolls, turns, actions, ability scores, skill sets etc.)
  • Analysis of D&D campaigns

With my background in creative writing, I’ll be using literary theory to define narrative and how D&D’s narrative structure operates. I’ll be using Gerald Prince’s work as he is one of the leading scholars…

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