Traumatic Transactions pt. 2

Life in the Fields

In my further development of Traumatic Transactions, I have made a print and play ready board, further refined the rules, and ran some playtesting with my family.

In the development of the board, the only way that I found that more than two players could play is with a traditional Chinese Checkers board. I had many issues with scaling the board to fit coins comfortably, as well as finding an appropriate amount of space for the players to use. To resolve this I have geometrically dissected a Chinese checkers board into a slice 1/6th the size. As the Chinese checkerboard has six lines of symmetry, printing this section six times will create a full board. 

As this is a print and play game, I was very careful about how much ink was being used and in what colours. Initially, I wanted to set my inner artist free and create a…

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