Group Game Design Project – Aliens in the White House.

Isaac Percy

For #bcm300, I have been working in a group with Hayden Curley, Aliah Walton, Isaac Allen and Nicole Papadimas to design a unique game experience. We have been collaborating using Zoom and Discord to brainstorm, share ideas and create a potential game experience that could be marketed.

We began this collaboration with these calls and discussing games that we could take inspiration from, including mechanics, storyline and the overall player experience. We then all chose to go in depth and research aspects about these games to bring back to the group to develop our overall project.

I looked into The Resistance: Avalon, and its use of social deduction to eliminate players in the game to get to a winner. In Avalon, all the players are aware of their roles, and each have unique abilities that give them advantages, disadvantages and aims to succeed in the gameplay.


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