Yu-Gi-Oh-My-Childhood. A project beta.

Isaac Percy

The progress of this project is on its way. I’m pretty excited.

I began analysis of Yu-Gi-Oh, making sure that for the project that it will be accompanied with clear explanation for audiences with little to no understanding, to ensure that the video I creates clear understanding.

It was while I was thinking about the cards and googling them, I decided to do some digging into my possessions to try and find my old cards, which would hopefully provoke some inspiration for this project and –

There they there, my old ‘deck’. That would be in my hand every recess and lunch time. So many memories made with them and I am able to add a different element to my research.

This made me rethink the format of my project – I want to create a video essay. I believe that a blog post would be excellent in being able…

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