What Can Compare to Big Rip?


I was admittedly quite fortunate to fall into a group with fellow epic memer lad boys James Zahra and Josh Crawley. Within their respective hyperlinks you can find their contributions to the ‘Big Rip’ group project, where Josh is covering the game’s fundamentals in terms of mechanics, rules and overall experience, while James delves into the theme, narrative and story of ‘Big Rip’.

In the lead up to our pitch presentation we have worked together to decide on game mechanics and storyline elements we like, ensuring we each have some form of input in the final idea. For the pitch itself however, we decided with my approval that I would focus on the relevant background research and comparable products, while also having some sort of video element to accompany my segment of the presentation.

When creating ‘Big Rip’, ‘Rhino Hero’ was a game from which we took a lot…

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