BCM 300: Cosmic Mercenaries: Event Horizon


This article title officially has too many colons. And the English language is disgusting for not spelling colon and colon differently.

So before reading this post, I would recommend reading this one here first, as I am discussing my progress with that project. So I have been making steady progress on developing this board game experience and am really happy with how the project has been shaping up. Still as yet have been unable to get proper playtesting done with players, but have managed to get several people to read through the rules and give their understanding, and have done some theoretical playtesting myself.

First Feedback

My first bit of feedback from people came in the form of misunderstandings, something to be expected when putting thoughts to paper, and found explanations to be not detailed enough to have a firm understanding what the game entailed. So my first reiteration of…

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