Tartarus: The collectible card game for fantasy RPG lovers


In ancient times, the Gods went to war. The victory meant supreme power over the world, and defeat meant spending eternity in Tartarus. The Titanomachy saw Zeus, son of Reya and God of Thunder and Lightning, go to war with the Titans, led by Kronos, King of the Titanes and the God of time, and child-swallower. Zeus prevailed over the mighty Titans and began his reign over the skies. He declared his brother Poseidon lord of the seas, and brother Hades, Lord of the Underworld and King of the Dead. But, like all brothers, they fought, with the help of their human armies and fellow Gods, Demigods, immortals, and creatures. And so, the war continued.

Tartarus is a fantasy/mythology collectible card game that I have been developing over the past three months. Previously, I posted a game pitch, and a beta version of the game.

The process of prototyping…

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