Unpopular Songs by Popular Artist- Project Dossier #BCM300

Concrete Surfing

For my BCM300 Project Dossier, I am doing a music-based guessing game. The game will be played through an app that players can download and link up within the app in order to get games going. The user interface will be incredibly simple, fun, and aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

The game revolves around a ‘Kahoot’ style mechanic as well as a ‘quizmaster’ mechanic where once a song is played, through a players phone (selected at random by the programming) the other players will be given four multiple-choice to choose from to get an answer

There will also be a time element to the game and depending on how fast the player’s response is, it will depend on the number of points that the player will receive. Three points for responses 1-4 seconds, two points for responses 5-7, and one point for responses 7+ seconds. 

Additionally, the game will…

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