BCM 300: Cosmic Mercenaries Dossier



The design has a few design goals in mind; replayability and unique playthroughs in a limited materiality box, create a game that can be competitive with lots of strategy and choice involved and nuance in each decision, and a game that can still be accessible for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in boardgames.

Untitled-2 Early Draft Map and setup

These elements are obviously very contrasting and perhaps even contradicting. For example the limited materiality and large amount of replayability; not including the difference in moves each game like a chess match for example, but the characters and what those characters can do and the very map they are on are all designed for an essence of randomness, more akin to a procedural generation than a true random, ensuring that when players begin that no two games will be the same, which has become a bit of a…

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